Thursday, September 27, 2012

Shing! Sparkle Sparkle.

Was bored, wanted to play with nail polish.

I know I suck at staying in the lines. Bite me.

I was going for a blue fading into purple kinda look. Unfortunately the purple was glitter so it took bunches of coats and by the end of it I had a mini bulge going on at the end. Woke up with a whole purple tip missing. Ah well, at least I got to take a pic before I screwed it up.


Instead of making a new post, I'll just add to this one.

This is what being bored at 3am does when I've been watching nail art videos. Yeah, they suck but all I had was normal paint (that is god knows how old) and a toothpick. I kept trying to do the water marbling thing but I think my nail polish is too old cuz it kept ending in massive failure. These aren't the best but meh, I tried, all that matters. Also, instead of using a top coat I used nail hardener, maybe that'll make it last more than a few hours.

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