Thursday, November 7, 2013


Yes, Spalfredo. My new roomie was making spaghetti and I wondered if it would be tasty to use half spaghetti sauce and half alfredo sauce. It was awesome!

Brown your meat, drain, then add back to the pan with half alfredo sauce and half spaghetti sauce. Heat 'till it's warm and everything else is ready.

Tastes better than it looks, promise.

Now you can either be all fancy and make it pretty by pouring some over your noodles...

Or you can just straight up mix it all together like you don't care.

*Hint* That's what I did ^_^

It was spalfredo in more than one way cuz we didn't have enough spaghetti noodles so it was half fettuccine and half spaghetti noodles. Hee, but it was good =D

Moral: Delicious!

Monday, November 4, 2013

We Interrupt Your Normally Scheduled Program for a Short Announcement

So while in the middle of making something else (I can't remember what) I remembered that a couple of my friends didn't know how I cut my tomatoes so evenly for tacos and stuff. 'Dis is for them, gonna be a bit short though. (How long can a tutorial be about cubing tomatoes anyways?)


Getting the tomato is the hardest part, really.

Slice off the stem part. Next slice it evenly almost to the bottom, but not quite.

If you cut it all the way through you are gonna hafta do it the old fasioned way.

Now rotate the tomato 90 degrees and do it again.

Try to keep them even.

Now turn the tomato on its side so that the uncut part is facing your non-dominate hand. Then with your dominate hand slice in even strokes all the way through.

Tada! Tomato cubes.

After you slice off all of the cubes you can just cut up the part that's left however you want to. This saves a lot of time and effort. Saves on headaches as well. Enjoy ^_^

Makin' a Sammich

So one of the things you have missed in my absence is the fact that I can now make bread. Granted it's in a bread machine, but that's not the point. If I make quick bread it's done in an hour, but the texture isn't that great. It seems fine 'till you try the normal bread which takes 3 hours to make, that one is awesome and fluffy. The machine makes it to where you don't hafta knead it and all that so I'm happy. The bread goes well with honey and butter, but one thing it's really good at, is sammiches.

Yeah, look at that numminess. 

Here, lemme blow it up for you.

Yeah, you know you want some.