Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Po man's Tuna Helper

So, we don't have any tuna or milk and I'm hungry so I'm making tuna helper without either. This will probably suck, but we shall see. A friend also gave us some tomatos, so I might add one of those after it's done.

Does it look gross and tasteless to you? That's cuz it is. It tasted like watered down butter. Bleck. I added a can of Rotel that's been in the cabinet for years, cayenne pepper and enough of that peppercorn medly stuff that comes in the grinders to kill someone.

Look, I even dressed it up. Also, I know my stove is a mess, shut up.

The result, still not great, needs cheese. Lots of cheese. It's got a bit of spice to it, which adds flavor I guess. It kinda tries to cover up the fact that there is no flavor. I dunno, the Rotel helps, it just really, really needs cheese. I also over cooked it cuz I kept adding stuff, but that's my fault.

Moral: Don't cook Tuna Helper if you have no milk. You could probably get away without the tuna, but the milk is a must.

(Originally posted on July 7, 2012 at 3:35 PM)

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