Thursday, September 27, 2012

Shing! Sparkle Sparkle.

Was bored, wanted to play with nail polish.

I know I suck at staying in the lines. Bite me.

I was going for a blue fading into purple kinda look. Unfortunately the purple was glitter so it took bunches of coats and by the end of it I had a mini bulge going on at the end. Woke up with a whole purple tip missing. Ah well, at least I got to take a pic before I screwed it up.


Instead of making a new post, I'll just add to this one.

This is what being bored at 3am does when I've been watching nail art videos. Yeah, they suck but all I had was normal paint (that is god knows how old) and a toothpick. I kept trying to do the water marbling thing but I think my nail polish is too old cuz it kept ending in massive failure. These aren't the best but meh, I tried, all that matters. Also, instead of using a top coat I used nail hardener, maybe that'll make it last more than a few hours.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Equinox Eggs!

It's the equinox. Woohoo!! Autumn is here! The equinox is the only time where an egg will stand up on it's big end.

I love fall ^_^ This almost looks like an advertisement for Campbell's or something. It's soup that a friend gave me sitting on the counter, nothing more I swear. (you can't prove anything <_<) *happy dance* Fall is here! Autumn in Alabama is a happy time, it's a break from the hell of summer, it is the bliss before the cold, the happy time of beautiful trees and cool breezes. It's also the time of allergies, but I have a whole bottle of zrytec at the ready. :D Enough about the happiness that is me, I just wanted to share my equinox egg, enjoy ^_^

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tomato Goo

Was hungry so I decided to try something new. Browned ground beef with spices, added a can of tomato soup, and 2 slices of crumbled cornbread. (Not the sweet kind you weirdos, in fact, if anyone wants my cornbread recipe, let me know. It's really good ^_^)

I used less than a pound of ground beef cuz I'm poor and that's how I roll. I also left a little bit of the grease in it for flavor, but not too much or bleck. I swirled them all around and heated it till I felt like taking it off. Basically at this point I was just heating up the soup and bread. But I suppose the longer you heat it the thicker I think it would get. Dunno.

This was actually pretty good. Surprisingly the tomato soup made it a bit sweet, so if you aren't into that just add a dash of salt. Not the best thing I've ever had, but far from the worst. This was quick and dead easy.

Moral: Quick and easy for fast nomming.

All moved in

Woo, that was fun. Hopefully I did everything right, it's good to be able to stretch out a bit. Anyways, so um...yeah, hi there ^_^ This is my blog of random stuff. Usually I post about crafts, games, or my experiments with food, always fun. Not much else to say I guess except hi neighbors :)

Is that purple I see?

Yes indeed, the purple I promised has arrived. Even though it doesn't look purple in photos for some reason. If you are in a walmart yarn section look at the yarn called amethyst, that's what color it is. Is this anywhere near being done? Hell no! Is it even halfway done? Almost, but not quite. I think it's supposed to have 30 rows when done and the purple marks row 13. Oh God why?! What have I done to myself?

It's big enough to keep my legs warm while doing the short sides. Would make a good throw for the back of a recliner or something. No! Must not think like this. Must keep going! Oh wait...I need yarn. Damn you logic! Maybe I can find some on sale and I can go cushion diving to find some change?

Yarn! Yarn for the poor! Not like anyone reads this but I am always happy to give orphaned yarn a good home with lots of love. I think I need 2 skeins of one color just to get around this thing once. Dear Lord.

Also, if you didn't notice yet, I always take a photo of this blanket with my needle in it. It's the one I am making the blanket with. It is size H, 8, and 5mm (it's about 5 1/2 inches long). Anyways, I tell you this cuz if you go back to the previous posts about this blanket you can see just how much the blanket is growing cuz my needle is there. I promise the needle doesn't shrink either

I think that's about enough rambling from me. If this blanket ever gets done I should throw a party. My luck something will get spilled on this the moment after it's done. or something with velcro will touch it, or someone will get a bit too happy with scissors. Any number of possibilities.

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Birfday Present

My friend has a thing for wallets and her birthday is coming up. I live in a constant state of being broke so I thought the best thing I could do was to make her a wallet

It looks better in person but crocheting with black yarn is a nightmare. Had headaches and eyestrain but she's worth it. I just hope she likes it, even though I doubt this will ever be used, at least I put a lot of love into it ^_^

The pattern for this can be found here -> Wool Striped Wallet

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New Needles

My mom won a set of rosewood 19mm knitting needles on listia. These things are awesome! I'm not a big knitter but it's fun to try. Plus, with such gorgeous needles, how could you not want to try?

I saw a pattern for a scarf and it got me thinking. The pattern called for two different sizes of knitting needles but there was bunches more to it. So, I made up my own way of doing things. I cast on with the rosewoods, did a row with both needles, then switched to using one 11mm and one 19mm.

Gotta be careful though so I don't scratch the wood with the metal needles. When I get done I have to pull the stitches down and straighten them out. It looks like this.

Kinda useless as a scarf, but maybe someone will use it? Fun to practice with anyways.

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Edit: The scarf is finally done. Click here to see -> Return of the Scarf!

Nuzlocke Pokemon Challenge

So, a friend of mine sent me this.

This sounds fun so I'ma try it. I picked up the first pokemon game I found, which happened to be Leaf Green. I've never played this one so here we go.
Just starting out I gotta tell you it's more exciting cuz you hafta pay attention and make sure that your pokemon doesn't faint. I've only just started and all I have is Charmander and a Pidgey. I figure I'll level a bit and then go on to the next area. Lvl 10 sounds about right, and all goes well 'till it's time to get Pidgey up there as well. This is where it gets kinda cool, at least to me. Here we have 2 pokemon working together to get Pidgey up to lvl 10. Pidgey would try really hard but sometimes just couldn't do it and I would switch them to try and keep Pidgey alive. Now before, I've always tried to keep pokemon from fainting because it makes them unhappy and can cost me if some random person shows up and wants to battle, but now if one of my pokemon faints, they die (get released) This makes it much more important to pay attention. I can see me actually running from battles, which is something I never do. One rule I am gonna use though that might conflict with the game rules is that I'm not gonna release my starter pokemon if he faints cuz then I'd have nothing left and I don't think you can have 0 pokemon. But that doesn't mean that I'm gonna whore on Charmander. We shall see how this goes but so far, it's pretty cool.

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Cheese Waffles!

Yeah that's right, cheese waffles.

That's cheddar btw.

I think I just died a little from too much happy. Gooey cheese in all the little waffle holes plus little cripies on top. The only thing these things need is bacon.

Moral: Oh my God, yes!

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Shiny New Toys

So I got two new things which are awesome. First...

They glow ^_^ I love glow in the dark stuff, I also love crochet hooks, so combine the two and you've got a happy! Well, actually I have more than 2 new things. I got a tatting shuttle and a hairpin lace loom but I haven't gotten to play with them yet. I also have a tatting needle. I've never tatted before but it's fun and I've made a couple of flowers and this...

I know it looks crappy ok?

It's my first try at a bookmark. Too bad you can't see the shininess, there's metal thread wound around the gold. Tatting patterns are hard to read so I made this one up as I went. I'll learn to read them eventually. That took me a while. I also won some perl beads on Listia. Most people use them to make designs and melt them together. I had other plans. My cats are always chewing through my headphone cords and stuff like that so I'm trying an experiment.

My fingers are killing me and these took forever. I had to cut each bead and since I couldn't find a razor blade I had to use scissors, which meant breaking a bunch of beads in the process. When I went to do the smaller wires of the top half I realized that I didn't have enough of certain colors to continue the pattern so I made this...

Notice the change of lighting outside? That's how long these took.

Now I've just gotta get up the courage to leave them out for kitties to find. I really don't wanna have gone through all this and it not work. Maybe I'll just have them out with me right over the kitties to watch and yank if it looks like it's not working. Blarg, Tonna's fingers hurt. But hey, I've got a custom set of earphones now ^_^ Woot!

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Scramby Eggs Experiment

So I'll say this right now. This seems like a bad idea but after making fried eggs in the sammich maker Mom got jealous and wanted scrambled eggs. So I decided to try this.

Hmm...had to keep poking it cuz the outsides got done but it was still squishy and liquidy inside.

If you like hard scrambled eggs, this'll work for you. Mom and I like soft scramby eggs. While it tasted like eggs it was a little too done for our tastes. Whatever floats your boat I guess.

Moral: Meh

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Lazy Man's Fried Eggs

So I suck at making fried eggs, I always break them. I was wanting something to eat and, thankfully, we finally had some food in the house. I was craving eggs and was contemplating on how I should cook them. We have one of those George Foreman grills, only knock off, you know? And I usually put a slice of bread on there, smush the middle and crack an egg into the depression. I don't really like doing this. In order for it to get done, it has to get really done. To the point that I'd rather just boil the damn thing since it's basically the same thing. Plus for some reason a lot of the egg white absorbs into the bread. It's just a big hassle for not a good turn out. And while I was thinking about doing this, and not really wanting to, I look over and see our sandwich maker. Cartoon lightbulb over the head time. So I did this.

(I sprayed it before I put the eggs into it btw) I seasoned it, closed the lid and got the rest of my sammich ready while it turned into this.

Look at that steamy perfection. And since it was made in the sammich maker it fit perfectly on the bread.

I paired it with some mayo and a slice of turkey lunchmeat and nom!

Moral: I am so doing this again!

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Tatting Disaster

Decided I would try a thing called tatting. It looks fun so I'ma try it. There are two ways to do it. Either with a thing called a shuttle, or with a needle. Since I don't have a shuttle thingy and I do have an apolstry needle I said, what the hell? How different can it be? I did all the stitches and was going along great.

One thing I didn't pay attention to is that tatting needles are one size down the whole thing. Mine's not, it's narrower at the front, that didn't bother me though, what bothered me was that it gets bigger at the back where the thread goes through. I go to slip my stitches off and make a ring, feeling all proud of myself and they come to a screeching halt, refusing to go over the bump. I sit there and take every single thread and force it over the edge. And by force, I mean it took work, they were jammed and didn't wanna move. So I go through the sewing basket looking for long straight needles and find tiny little craft needles. Yeah, I went there. I took sewing thead and tried again.

You might wanna click on that, it's tiny.

Came time to take off the stitches again and they all stop again. Stupid needle bumps! So, tatting looks like loads of fun but until I find a straight needle or someone donates one to the cause, I'ma hafta sit this one out.

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Po Man's S.O.S.

Was hungry and had very few ingredients so I came up with this. I think it's called S.O.S. in the military.

So I added cream of mushroom, cream of chicken, and water together and made this.

Mmm, nummy...

Browned some ground beef then added the soup goo to it.

Looking better.
I didn't have any bread or mashed potatoes so I toasted some freezer burned hamburger buns in the oven. I kept cooking the goo until the bread was done and all the little soup bits were melted. I then spooned the mixture over the buns and here's a pic of what they looked like...

...oops. Sorry, this was so good they were devoured very quickly. Sorry ^_^

Moral: Nom!

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More on the blanket

Slowest growing blanket ever? Probably. I've gotten the variegated row done and am working on a row of purple since this pic was taken. After the purple I've got enough yarn to make 1 more row and then my broke self will hafta put this project away until I can afford more yarn or someone donates to the cause

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Po man's Tuna Helper

So, we don't have any tuna or milk and I'm hungry so I'm making tuna helper without either. This will probably suck, but we shall see. A friend also gave us some tomatos, so I might add one of those after it's done.

Does it look gross and tasteless to you? That's cuz it is. It tasted like watered down butter. Bleck. I added a can of Rotel that's been in the cabinet for years, cayenne pepper and enough of that peppercorn medly stuff that comes in the grinders to kill someone.

Look, I even dressed it up. Also, I know my stove is a mess, shut up.

The result, still not great, needs cheese. Lots of cheese. It's got a bit of spice to it, which adds flavor I guess. It kinda tries to cover up the fact that there is no flavor. I dunno, the Rotel helps, it just really, really needs cheese. I also over cooked it cuz I kept adding stuff, but that's my fault.

Moral: Don't cook Tuna Helper if you have no milk. You could probably get away without the tuna, but the milk is a must.

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My Ravelry

I've posted a bunch of stuff that I'm working on on Ravelry. http/

Added another round to this.

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My Oblong Wool Eater Blanket

So i'm working on an Oblong Wool Eater blanket from Sarah London. So far it's been really cool and I love the parttern.
Week 1 - Work 6 rounds.

Here's my blanket while working on the 5th row. The colors don't show up too well in this.

Here I am done with my first week and heading in to numba 2.

To get this pattern go here -> Oblong Wool Eater
Week 2 - Work 4 rounds

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I'm gonna move all my stuff from my webs blog to here. This might take a bit of work, but we'll see :)