Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Shiny New Toys

So I got two new things which are awesome. First...

They glow ^_^ I love glow in the dark stuff, I also love crochet hooks, so combine the two and you've got a happy! Well, actually I have more than 2 new things. I got a tatting shuttle and a hairpin lace loom but I haven't gotten to play with them yet. I also have a tatting needle. I've never tatted before but it's fun and I've made a couple of flowers and this...

I know it looks crappy ok?

It's my first try at a bookmark. Too bad you can't see the shininess, there's metal thread wound around the gold. Tatting patterns are hard to read so I made this one up as I went. I'll learn to read them eventually. That took me a while. I also won some perl beads on Listia. Most people use them to make designs and melt them together. I had other plans. My cats are always chewing through my headphone cords and stuff like that so I'm trying an experiment.

My fingers are killing me and these took forever. I had to cut each bead and since I couldn't find a razor blade I had to use scissors, which meant breaking a bunch of beads in the process. When I went to do the smaller wires of the top half I realized that I didn't have enough of certain colors to continue the pattern so I made this...

Notice the change of lighting outside? That's how long these took.

Now I've just gotta get up the courage to leave them out for kitties to find. I really don't wanna have gone through all this and it not work. Maybe I'll just have them out with me right over the kitties to watch and yank if it looks like it's not working. Blarg, Tonna's fingers hurt. But hey, I've got a custom set of earphones now ^_^ Woot!

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