Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Egg Dog Tortilla

Was bored and hungry, how else do these start? (still emptying the hard drive)

Spray/grease your pan and pour your scrambled eggs in.

Try to keep it round

Instead of cooking the eggs by constantly moving them, let it sit for a little bit, 'till you think it's solid enough to turn over in one piece without making a mess.

Hopefully you are a better flipper than I am

Add cheese, cuz cheese is awesome.

Yessss, cheeeeese

Now, pick up the egg patty thing with your spatula and put down a tortilla in the pan. Sprinkle cheese on top, then add your egg back on top.

It would be better if the two cheese sides were opposite though

When cheese is melty take off and heat up your hot dog, then place on top.

I hope yours is prettier

Now add mayo or ketchup, or whatever you do to your eggs.

Such graceful lines =P

Then roll up and enjoy.

Time for nomming

This was surprisingly good. Just be sure to pick a hotdog you like that's not too strong, or it'll overpower the eggs.

Moral: Very good, will do again

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sweet Dreams

Still emptying the hard drive. Last summer I finished the Sweet Dreams Afghan for a friend. I didn't have the right size needle or yarn, so I kinda made it up as I went. I followed the pattern except when it came time to do the edging. My stitches didn't match up, so I kinda fudged it. Ah well. But, since I'm an in progress kinda girl lemme show you my progress pics.

 Close up of the in progress texture with my needle

Here she is

She's gettin' bigger

Aaaaaalmost done

Tada! Ignore the uneven edging peeps

Don't know if you can tell in the close up or not, but every other cluster/shell is filled, so it makes this cool kinda diagonal pattern stripey thing.

I'm quite proud of it. It looks really good with a baby in front of it too, but I'm not gonna share pics of someone else's baby without permission. Seems kinda creepy you know?

Friday, July 25, 2014

Mini Posts

So, I've got a few pics that I only took a couple of, or even just one. Decided that instead of devoting an entire post to each, I'd just round up a few short ones and put them all in here. These are still coming off of my hard drive, so the pics are a bit old. Go with me here.

Kimchee Pizza

While at an asian market I wanted kimchee, but I didn't pay attention (plus I couldn't read it) and accidentally got the radish kind instead of the cabbage kind. My bad. I tried several ways of eating it, but nothing really flipped my switch. One way I tried was on a Totinos pizza. I placed pieces on the pizza, and baked it. Simple as that.


Moral: Not doing that again.

Gravy Rice Sammich

My roommate made beef tips and rice one night, which is basically cut up beef, rice, and gravy. There might be other stuff in it, I'm not sure. I couldn't eat all of my rice, so the next day I had gravy covered rice, and no idea what to do with it. Most things can be improved with sammiches.

Rice, turkey, and cheese, what could go wrong?


Moral: Don't do this...seriously.

Taco Sammich

Speaking of sammiches. I had some of those leftover taco sauce packs from Taco Bell, and was struck with the question, "What the hell am I supposed to do with this?" Make a taco sammich, of course.

First, gather your ingredients: lunchmeat of some kind, bread, sour cream, and your taco sauce.

 And something to spread the stuff with, duh

Spread your taco sauce on one side, and your sour cream on the other.

Came out kinda wet

Add your lunchmeat and nom.

Cheese probably wouldn't hurt

It turned out a little wet from the sauce, so I wouldn't let this sit for long. It wasn't bad though. Not super fantastic, but not bad.

Moral: Meh, I might do it again to get rid of extra sauce...or I could just make tacos.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Oh Fishsticks!

Looking through my hard drive for other things I've taken pics of. Here's a short one you might enjoy.

Had fishsticks in the freezer and wanted to see if I could make a good sammich out of it.

I got bread and put some cheddar on one side (I'm not fond of American cheese. Call me unpatriotic or whatever, but it tastes like plastic to me) and some tartar sauce on the other side.

 I put too much tartar sauce, my bad

Next I put some fishsticks on there.

 Make sure they are cooked people -_-

You know what? Needs more fishsticks.

There we go ^_^

Then somehow, without making a huge mess, join the two together and voila!

It was good, but I don't think it needed the cheese

Moral: It was alright, but I think I'll just stick to fishsticks.

Aggravation and Golden Eggs

So my laptop is busted. Unless I come up with 100 bucks, it's gonna stay that way. The comp in the living room is busted too, so I'm working from a borrowed laptop from a friend of mine. I don't think I can get pics off the old camera to here, but I do have a phone. It doesn't work as a telephone, but it takes pictures and lets me play games. I tried making a post on here from it, but I got aggravated and said screw it. It capitalized every word (and I mean EVERY word) and kept skipping up to previous sentences and changing words and adding crap in that I didn't type. I really wanted to throw it across the room, but I refrained and just grumbled a lot and stopped messing with it. But the problem now arises, how do I get pics on here? I'm thinking that a complicated way would be for me to make the post on the comp, save as a draft, and post the photos from the phone. We are gonna try anyways. Oooooor, maybe I can make a draft on the phone with all of the photos I wanna add to a post. Won't it put it in my gallery so I can use them on here? If all else fails I can use the really slow comp that belongs to my roommate. Anyways, let's post pics so I can test out this theory of mine. What's been going on in my life? I've been working on that wool eater blanket, problem is all of the cats really like it.

 See my problem?

I've got my next two rows planned too.

Michael's Value brand Fushia, and Red Heart's Grape Fizz

I dunno man, besides taking really long or tall photos, the camera kinda washes everything out to be different colors. So much aggravation. Maybe if I leave the sd card from the camera plugged in for a really long time it'll work? Wait, we've got a red light! There's hope! Holy hot damn! We've got photos!. Let's see if I can remember any of the recipes that are on it. Damn, it went away while I was looking at it. Maybe it'll come back? Actually I think I saved the photos on my portable harddrive before the comp went down. Great for me, but how will I get new photos? While I wait for the little red light to come back on (if it does) How about I share with you another aggravation? Entitled...

Golden Eggs My Ass

So I heard this rumor that if you shake a raw egg really hard for 3 minutes or so, when you boil it, it'll be all golden cuz you basically just scrambled the damn thing. Let me walk you through my journey, shall I?

I got two eggs and shook the ever livin' hell out of them for 3 minutes. Put 'em in a pot and waited for them to boil.
Something doesn't look right. I think we might have a busted egg on our hands

Yeah, yeah we do

But that's ok, I boiled 2 and one looks just fine.

Perfect, let's crack 'er open and see that gold!


Besides being a bitch and half to peel, it looks like crap. What happened? Maybe there's just a small coating of white and it's all pretty on the inside?


Yeah, screw that egg. Too much work for crap results. Maybe I'm just not strong enough, I dunno. Won't be doing that again.

Moral: Screw that egg, only He-Man stands a chance.

The red light came back on for 2 seconds. I'll figure something out. I'd like to keep using the old camera cuz it takes better photos when it comes to color, the phone camera focuses really well though. Maybe I'll use both? We'll see.