Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mini Wristlet Pattern

A friend of mine wants a mini wristlet. Just big enough for her phone, credit cards, and some folded up money. I'm just gonna hafta wing this one and make it up as I go. Here's hoping my internet doesn't crash or something in the middle of it cuz I'm writing it here as I make it up. Also, dis is my first time trying to make and publish a pattern. Go with me here.

K so....this is a list for what I am using, you can use whatever you want but the results will probably differ.

Yarn  - Medium Worsted 4 (I'm using Red Heart super saver in Zebra)
Hook - 00 (That's right, double zero. I want this thing tight!)
2 buttons

You will also probably need a yarn needle and scissors, but then again, if you just break the yarn and weave it in with your hook, you won't need either. Up to you really ^_^ (Also, if you aren't using a double zero you might need a ruler, or you could go to It should be about 3in wide and, when folded, be about 5in...I think, we'll see)

The stitches you need to know for this are the chain stitch (ch) and the single crochet (sc), nothing complicated. This is gonna be really tight so nothing gets through in case she has to put change into it or something. That being said, it's prolley gonna be a massive pain in the butt to make this, be prepared for a battle.

Also, make sure you count your stitches. This is important. I don't normally count after every single row unless it's a long one that I really wouldn't wanna do again. But with this I count every 2 or 3 rows. If your counting gets off, you need to fix it or you are gonna have a really funky looking case that veers off to one side or is crooked. There should be 15 stitches on every row.

    Chain 16
1.  Single crochet (sc) into the stitch 1 away from where your hook is. (skip a stitch)
           SC into every stitch across, chain (ch) 1, turn.
2.-26 . SC into every stitch across, ch 1, turn
           (Crochet a little tight if you can, if the hook doesn't make it tight anyways.)
(Make sure to go through both loops)

27.   SC across in back loop only, ch 1.

 (Don't know if you can see it here but the back loop crocheting makes a foldy seam place.

 (For those who aren't using 00 it's 5in plus the seam row)

28. Keep going.
(Cuddles says, "You can do it!)

28.-53. SC into every stitch across, ch 1, turn
54. SC across in front loops only coming up from underneath, ch 1 (If you aren't using 00 just make sure that it folds over to make a flap on the correct side)
55.-57. SC across, ch 1
58. SC 3, ch 3, skip (sk) 3, SC 3, ch 3, sk 3, SC 3, ch1 ( you should have 2 holes now)
59. SC across, ch 1 When you get to the holes from the previous row just go straight through the holes instead of through each ch. 
60. SC across, ch 1.
61. SC across, finish off.

(Huh, look at that. I totally didn't plan it but it came out to be a foot. Gotta love

Now attach your buttons to match up with your holes. I added mine after the 4th stitch from each side, but it all depends on your buttons and how you want to do it.

(Hmm, that's a little dark so how about this?)

Now how to sew up the sides? Hmm...I don't like how the sc looks for closing sides. Basically you can do this however you feel like it. I think I'm gonna try whip stitching. Let's see how this goes.

Now for the strap
    ch 61, sk next stitch, SC in each stitch. Use the ends to attach the ring together and to the body. Don't let it twist.

 (Hmm...I'm still not good at that whip stitching thing. I went up and then back down the sides)

(I put some money, my ipod, and my drivers license in there...I don't have a cell phone T_T. Also, there's proof that I've been uploading this as I go.)

Shadow and Stupid say, "It's time to rest."

P.S. Anyone who uses this pattern, please let me know how it goes. It's my first time so I mighta screwed up somewhere. Have fun and happy crocheting ^_^

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