Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Is that purple I see?

Yes indeed, the purple I promised has arrived. Even though it doesn't look purple in photos for some reason. If you are in a walmart yarn section look at the yarn called amethyst, that's what color it is. Is this anywhere near being done? Hell no! Is it even halfway done? Almost, but not quite. I think it's supposed to have 30 rows when done and the purple marks row 13. Oh God why?! What have I done to myself?

It's big enough to keep my legs warm while doing the short sides. Would make a good throw for the back of a recliner or something. No! Must not think like this. Must keep going! Oh wait...I need yarn. Damn you logic! Maybe I can find some on sale and I can go cushion diving to find some change?

Yarn! Yarn for the poor! Not like anyone reads this but I am always happy to give orphaned yarn a good home with lots of love. I think I need 2 skeins of one color just to get around this thing once. Dear Lord.

Also, if you didn't notice yet, I always take a photo of this blanket with my needle in it. It's the one I am making the blanket with. It is size H, 8, and 5mm (it's about 5 1/2 inches long). Anyways, I tell you this cuz if you go back to the previous posts about this blanket you can see just how much the blanket is growing cuz my needle is there. I promise the needle doesn't shrink either

I think that's about enough rambling from me. If this blanket ever gets done I should throw a party. My luck something will get spilled on this the moment after it's done. or something with velcro will touch it, or someone will get a bit too happy with scissors. Any number of possibilities.

(Originally posted on September 16, 2012 at 6:20 PM)

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