Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cinnamon Toasted Doughnuts

A friend of mine gave me some expired doughnuts from the gas station where she works (so awesome btw) and I've been nomming them and wondering what kinds of stuff I can do with them. Unfortunately I'm almost out of them now that this thought has occurred to me, but anyways. I cut some doughnuts in half and lightly buttered them.

(Since they were old they cut easily)

I threw them in a pan heated to med.

And sat back and smelled the sweet smell of burning. Seriously, I had forgotten about the fact that sugar burns like crazy....oops. I left them on for a minute or so and dusted them with cinnamon once they were plated. 

I figured they had enough sugar on them so I didn't add more. The burned parts are sugar, I promise. Besides having a slightly burned taste (I have no idea why, honestly) these were pretty good. Slight crunch to them from the butter and pan cooking, which was nice, just wish I could figure out a way for the sugar not to burn.

Moral: Burning rings of sugar are a go.

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