Friday, July 25, 2014

Mini Posts

So, I've got a few pics that I only took a couple of, or even just one. Decided that instead of devoting an entire post to each, I'd just round up a few short ones and put them all in here. These are still coming off of my hard drive, so the pics are a bit old. Go with me here.

Kimchee Pizza

While at an asian market I wanted kimchee, but I didn't pay attention (plus I couldn't read it) and accidentally got the radish kind instead of the cabbage kind. My bad. I tried several ways of eating it, but nothing really flipped my switch. One way I tried was on a Totinos pizza. I placed pieces on the pizza, and baked it. Simple as that.


Moral: Not doing that again.

Gravy Rice Sammich

My roommate made beef tips and rice one night, which is basically cut up beef, rice, and gravy. There might be other stuff in it, I'm not sure. I couldn't eat all of my rice, so the next day I had gravy covered rice, and no idea what to do with it. Most things can be improved with sammiches.

Rice, turkey, and cheese, what could go wrong?


Moral: Don't do this...seriously.

Taco Sammich

Speaking of sammiches. I had some of those leftover taco sauce packs from Taco Bell, and was struck with the question, "What the hell am I supposed to do with this?" Make a taco sammich, of course.

First, gather your ingredients: lunchmeat of some kind, bread, sour cream, and your taco sauce.

 And something to spread the stuff with, duh

Spread your taco sauce on one side, and your sour cream on the other.

Came out kinda wet

Add your lunchmeat and nom.

Cheese probably wouldn't hurt

It turned out a little wet from the sauce, so I wouldn't let this sit for long. It wasn't bad though. Not super fantastic, but not bad.

Moral: Meh, I might do it again to get rid of extra sauce...or I could just make tacos.

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