Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pizza Failure

So I figured since I shared a success story with the soup I'd share a failure as well. I did this a while back so wish me luck on remembering everything ^_^

I took a Totinos and wanted to try heating it up on the stove. Sprayed the pan and added a bit of cheese to the pizza.

This is back when I had cheese. I miss you cheese T_T

I only added it on half cuz I was planning on folding it in half. Problem is the bottom got done faster than the top. I put the top on the skillet to try and circulate the air or something like that. Went to flip it and...

Failure. Complete and absolute failure. Maybe if it was cooked on a lower setting, maybe if I wasn't a dumbass and actually cooked it the way it was supposed to be cooked, maybe then it would have turned out ok.

Moral: Not gonna happen again

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