Friday, March 24, 2017

Book Review: Beneath the Layers Anthology

Ok, so I've recently joined a group on Goodreads that reviews books that are coming out to try and help authors get some publicity. I'm gonna be posting the reviews I do here as well. So, first off I have...

This is an M/M book that is an anthology about men and their love of satin and lace.

This book was provided by the author via IndiGo Marketing & Design in exchange for an honest review.
1. A Linebacker in Lace by Caitlin Ricci
An ex linebacker gets spotted wearing a pair of lady's underwear, and it leads him down a previously unknown path.
It was refreshing to see a manly man accepting that he liked being in lace. The way Brent was accepted without question by Arliss and his family was sweet as well. Gives warm fuzzies when you can feel the love coming from the story.

2. Satin Secrets by CL Mustafic
On a snowy evening a man gets an unexpected visit from a police officer. But is the officer there to warn him of danger, or is he, himself, the danger?
I'll have to admit that I've seen these characters before in the author's book Falling for Him, so I know a bit more of their personalities than the average reader would. (You should check out that book, it's their story) But I will try to review this as if I didn't know them. It was an intense story that leaves you worrying about what's going to happen next, but the twist makes it all better. It was cute getting to be in Gavin's head, seeing his fears and doubts, then seeing them put to rest.

3. Backwards and in High heels by Elizabeth Coldwell
A man takes dancing lessons to surprise his lover with his welcome home gift, but it's not the only thing he has up his sleeve that night.
It was sweet to see him work so hard to give his guy the gift of a dance together, and to have all of his gifts be accepted so well made me smile.

4. Angels in Delaware by Sita Bethel
A shy man takes a chance and goes home with a gay couple. Both of whom are looking for more than just a one night stand. Could this be the start of something new for all parties involved?
I like the characters in this. Delaware is a tough guy who just so happens to wear dresses and is genderfluid. Angel loves him just the way he is, and Beau is just the guy they are looking for to try and take a chance with them.

5. All That Entails by E.M. Hamill
A genderfluid prince is forced to take a bride for the good of the kingdom, but he may have found the perfect match in a woman who calls herself Henry.
Watching the difficulties the two of them faced because of who they are caused irritation. Not because of bad writing or anything mind you, but because I felt their struggle. I am glad they found each other and can finally be themselves, even if only in private.

6. After the Dance by Sydney Blackburn
A Cinderella story about a grease monkey who works on airships, and the owner of the company’s son.
A sweet story involving secrets, disguise, and love no matter what form it’s taken. The timeline was a little hard to place at times, maybe because I’m not as familiar with the era.

7. A Secret Shared by C.C. Blocke
A geeky dungeon master and his closeted football player boyfriend play a game when it’s finally revealed how much of a geek the little guy is. In return the jock has his own secret to reveal.
This story genuinely made me laugh several times. I am a geek and hearing the banter between the two was funny.

8. Ruffle My Feathers
A drag performer keeps it a secret from his fellow coworkers that the burly man likes to dress up on the weekends. At least it’s a secret until his boss comes in to see the show and recognizes him.
I like it when the tough guys have a softer side. I like it even more when they accept it, and own it. Well done.

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