Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Apple Sandwich? Yes please.

This one was done some time last year. I told you I've been taking pics, just haven't had time to post them. ^_^

We had an apple laying around that was gonna go bad (sad thing is, this is the last time I've had fruit. I miss you fruit) so I decided to experiment. Apples and peanut butter go together really well and I've heard that butter does awesome things to peanut butter so let's go.

I lightly buttered the bread and cut up the apple. Your apple should look better than this, ours was gonna go bad remember? I toasted the bread, then added peanut butter. One thing I was stupid and forgot was that butter is slippery so putting the peanut butter on top of it was funny. Also, if you add a little sprinkle of salt to the apples they are nummy.

 Voila, tasty meal for two.

Yes, it's a bit strange, but experimenting keeps things interesting. ^_^ Besides the butter this is probably a really healthy snack. Enjoy.

Moral: This was fun. Not super, oh my God amazing! But I would do it again. I'd probably omit the butter though

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