Monday, November 12, 2012


I'm dog/house sitting for my bro and he's got bunches of booze. Thought I would try a tiny bit of each and see how I like them. Gonna wait a while between each bit, just in case. (btw, I have permission to do this, so no thinking I'm stealing or anything)

First up is Disaronno on the rocks.
    Poured a bit into a glass of ice. This one is ok, it's way too sweet for me though. There might be other ways to try this where it's not so sweet but I'm ignorant to the ways of booze. Went looking for something to help this drink cuz I would feel bad if I poured it out. It's only a tiny bit but alcohol is not cheap. I found some lemon juice and put a few drops in it and it's better. I think I can finish it now that it's not like drinking syrup. This would prolley be great when mixed with other things and boozes but I'm not gonna waste it by experimenting.

Next up is vodka and orange juice.
   I put a little bit of vodka in a glass of orange juice. I can still taste the vodka, but not bad. There are apparently people who mix it different ways, like putting more vodka than orange juice, stuff like that. I can tell you now, not gonna happen. I have a bad memory of drinking straight vodka and it was disgusting so any time I'm gonna be drinking it, it's gonna hafta be covered up with something. I think if I were to drink a bunch of these (with the tiny amount of alcohol I put in it) I might get drunk a while from now, but since that is not my aim (plus I don't wanna drink a bunch of their orange juice, that stuff is expensive) I'm all good with my glass being the way it is.

This is my last experiment of the night so I'll save it here and come back later.

So my next one is spiced rum.
   I like this stuff but it's a funny sort of drink. I put about a gulp into the bottom of my glass and I've been sipping on it for about an hour. How on earth can anyone get drunk off of this stuff without setting themselves on fire? It's good, don't get me wrong, and would prolley kick ass if mixed with certain things but itty bitty sips is all I take so I don't burn myself.

Next up is a mango Carribean rum
   Smells good, a little sweet but not bad at all. I kinda like this one. Only put a splash in the glass so I can't tell you if a big gulp will burn but it's got a pleasant warming to it and it doesn't smell bad like so many others. I could see myself getting some of this, if I ever have monies to my name again.

Now we have tropical banana Carribean rum
   Smells fruity (imagine that) Not bad. This would probably be best mixed with something else. There is one more flavored rum they have and I'm thinking the three flavors would prolley work really well together. The mango one is better cuz this one is just a little over the edge making it a bit too sweet. It still has the pleasant warmth that the mango had without the burn of the spiced rum. These two also had pretty good aftertastes, that's always a plus. ^_^

Last of the least I think so, I haven't really gone snooping too deeply, is coconut carribean rum
   Smells similar to the banana rum for some reason. Maybe it's just a general tropically smell? This one is alright, not as good as the mango. I'm harping on that mango aren't I? =D It seems that there is a more alchoholly taste to this one. Could take or leave this one really. I've had a lot worse though, so in perspective, it's really not bad. That damn mango ruined me for the night it seems. Maybe I should mix a spoon of all three of these together?

Last one for the night (I've had about an hour between each of these, in case you were wondering) Mixed a teaspoon of the three tropical rums together.
   Smells fruity with the scent of alcohol. Maybe I shoulda added half a teaspoon of the coconut instead of the full spoon? When mixed together though, it's not bad. Kind of a general fruitiness with alcohol. Still got a little warmth to it, not bad though. I'll say one last time (for the night) I promise. I would prefer the mango by itself, mixed with the other two kinda drowns it's taste into a vague fruit being.

Off for the night. Maybe tomorrow I'll try some of the kahluas? I'm off to down a glass of water to make up for lost liquid from this.

I've had normal Kahlua so I'm not gonna do that one. It tastes like coffee. I hate coffee but I like Kahlua, go figure. Doubt you could become drunk off of this stuff but hey, I'm not an alcoholic who is gonna try.

So first up we have peppermint mocha Kahlua.
   Isn't mocha just another way to say coffee? Kahlua by it's definition is coffee flavored. I dunno, anyways. This is really good. I am fond of mint (except wintergreen, bleck!) so I'm into this one. I mixed it with milk btw. Never had straight Kahlua, don't think I'd like it, but you never know. So yeah, this gets the Tonna seal of approval. It's not alcoholly and it's like minty chocolate, nummy.

Next up is a pumpkin spice cream liquor thing.
   It's not Kahlua but it's close enough. I tried a sip with no milk and gagged. It's way too strong and just, dayum. Added to milk it's really good. Just tastes pumpkin spicey with no alcohol. This one is good too.

He has more but I'ma stop for now. It was fun, thanks for coming along for the ride ^_^

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